happily ever after

happily ever after


once upon a time

a queen remembered

who the fuck she was

and the game. fucking. changed.

tired of living spiritually malnourished

in the basement of her own LiFE

shackled by chains

such as mum

and wife

she unlocked the casing of her long lost crown

freed herself

from the fear of her own power

and the expectations of others

that had long been weighing her down

and she set up Home

in a 2 bedroom apartment

with her three beautiful children

in a magical seaside town

*new port: n.oun.

a new town with safe harbour; access to navigable water where ‘ships load & unload

as the sand settled around her

she stirred from slumber

and awoke


as if for the first time:

a new dawn

a new day

a new LiFE

~ i looked around

and much to my surprise

instead of The End

i saw the beginnings of sunshine

in the form of woodland friends

who would become my lifelines

a love for Self that would lead to the adventure of a lifetime;

and a new chapter

that finally put the fucking

in once upon a fucking time

in the words of the great Maya Angelou

~ still i rise ~

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