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we are worthy sista x

stick on I AM vinyl mirror mantras

stick on I AM vinyl mirror mantras

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ūüéāJune is my birthday month so get 17% off every I AM mantra¬†until 23:30 June 30 2024¬†AESTūüéā

I AM are two of the most powerful words in our toolkit when it comes to setting intentions. We’re super mindful of what we put after these words around here: we keep our self talk positive, empowering, loving, and kind…

take a look and get ready for magic with I AM mantras yyou‚Äôre about to find ūüĆąūüćĮ

choose your fighter pick your mantra & reflect on the life you’re living + the life you’re building every time you take a look in the mirror with these vinyl stick on mirror mantras:

stick on removable vinyl can be used for mirror mantras, vase mantras, window mantras, wall mantras, phone mantras, laptop mantras, cupboard/door mantras & any other clean, smooth blank canvas you can think of x

other colors available on request ūüĆą

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choose your words wisely ūü¶Č

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