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we are worthy sista x

good morning bathroom mirror mantras

good morning bathroom mirror mantras

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set an intention & start your day as you mean to go on 💃🏿 with these removable vinyl mirror mantra stickers 🪞

pick the mantra that speaks to you: stick it, peel it, see it, believe it, become it.

approx. 12-17cm  stick on removable vinyl

other colours available on request 🌈

australia: free shipping for orders $34+

international: free shipping for orders $50+

show me how good it can get went viral on tiktok recently when fellow Queens started sharing their experiences with this magical heart-opening affirmation✨ I’ve shared my own 👁️ opening experience with my income is increasing daily and I can’t wait to hear what goodness these words send your way 🪐

 i am unfuckwithable will root your feet firmly in the ground beneath you regardless of what storms are brewing around you. These words are a visual daily reminder that we have survived every single tough day, plot twist, curve ball, setback, face plant & shitshow & we’re still here. we’re still standing. more than that: we’re fucking thriving.

 i know my worth & i’m coming for what i deserve wrote itself when i singlehandedly drove my three kids from Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney NSW to Airlie Beach in Queensland & over to Hamilton Island. I was sitting poolside one day in a moment of bliss (kids fed, happy and water slidin, i know you know how it is) & i heard myself telling my self “they told you you couldn’t have this, they told you this wasn’t for you” but I called myself on it because nobody told me that but me. i know better now.

i am my only competition is a reminder that the only truths we should be focused on are our own. this is how we better our selves & it’s the heartbeat of women supporting women. 

rise & shine is a mirror mantra i use to passive aggressively greet my teenagers when they finally emerge around noon ~ the vibe is ✨check your energy✨ before you go near Mum’s room. 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of '97 practise gratitudeif I could offer you only one tip for the future, gratitude would be it. The long term benefits of gratitude have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. facts.

it’s rare for my mirror mantras not to be first person but the words good morning gorgeous you’re fucking flawless are a celebration of my favourite thing about myself: i don’t need validation from a mf soul.

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choose your words wisely 🦉

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