do affirmations, mirror mantras & manifestation really work?

do affirmations, mirror mantras & manifestation really work?

The way we communicate with ourselves shapes our life experiences and one powerful tool that has the potential to make a very real impact is the use of words of affirmation. 

Positive words can work magic when it comes to mental and emotional health, and wellbeing. They have the power to help us build on our self-worth, resilience, and connections with others.

The right words of affirmation also have the ability to deeply improve our self-esteem and sense of self-image. When we speak kind and encouraging words to ourselves we set the bar for a much healthier sense of self-worth

Affirmations like "i am enough" "I am worthy," and "I am a (fucking) Queen" are powerful reminders of our inherent value and potential.

Words of affirmation are directly linked to mental health because the ritual or repeating them contributes to reduced stress and anxiety levels. Positive self-talk and consistently reminding ourselves of our worth can create a confident state of mind  that promotes emotional wellbeing.

Simple, powerful statements

Affirmation mantras like "i deserve more” and “i make it in the end” or “today i’m surviving tomorrow i’m thriving” can help shift your thoughts towards a place of positivity, lighten and brighten your energy levels, and be a catalyst for real change in our day to day lives. 

Personal growth and development

When we set positive intentions through words, we create a roadmap for the journey towards achieving our goals. These might be personal goals, career goals, relationship goals, or any milestone we set and want to achieve for ourselves. 

My advice: choose a mantra, place it on a mirror you pass or look into every day, and incorporate the affirmation into your daily life.

Seeing your own reflection as you repeat these words will make these words hit harder so get ready to experience a transformation in how you perceive your Self in the coming weeks - and the knock on effect of better moods, better energy, and better days ahead.

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