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we are worthy sista x

indoor vinyl stick on mantras

indoor vinyl stick on mantras

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✊🏿🚪 because there’s power in setting an intention as a new door opens…

approx. 43 x 9 cm, stick on vinyl

free shipping worldwide 💌 

chaos door mantra

for the 👑👑👑 living in 🎪🎪🎪 & owning it (based on my chaos poem) perfect for a front door (or hallway entrance)

opportunity knocks door mantra

i wrote this when i was digging deep for the hustle a few years ago (i have thoughts on hustle culture and for this chapter i needed to give it everything i had to keep my boat afloat. this mantra speaks to that and is beautifully laced with the magical single mutha hustle ingredient: Hope) 

check your energy door mantra

wrote this for one of my kids & not naming names but it might rhyme with that last sentence & anyway we allll need it now since we hit menopause & teens in sync 🤣🎪 (see chaos mantra above ^)


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