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resume writing

resume writing

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I write stand out resumes for creative powerhouses looking to make a bright bold statement and put a smile of relief and respect on the face of the overworked recruiter stopped in their tracks by a winning cover letter that just compelled them to i n s t i n c t i v e l y start dialing your number as they flipped the page over and read your resume end to end while their coffee cooled to an accidental iced latte the phone rang off the hook and simon in accounts (it’s always accounts) bagged his third and final tim tam off the kitchen counter and pocketed the last hunk of fudgy almond croissant off that platter from the marketing* meeting this morning as he sloped out door (*it’s always marketing).

you get:

1 x 15 minute briefing call

1 x 30 minute interview

1 x 1 page cover letter (1 x Google doc with copy + 1 x editable Canva link)

1 x 2 page resume (1 x Google doc with copy + 1 x editable Canva link)

see my writing.

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